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    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    How Meditation Affects the Brain?

    Meditation is a practice that helps you to improve your focus, it makes your brain aware of when your attention diverts and drifts. Meditation also reduces the tension and stress of the mind, the recent researches conducted have proven that meditation helps to reduce anxiety. Meditation is a powerful tool designed to train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Meditation aids in the reduction of muscle tension, mental stress, while meditation also improves concentration and memory.

    What are the Effects of Meditation on the Body?

    Meditation is a form of mental training that maintains blood pressure and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.

    What are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness has been proven to:

    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Reduce depression
    • Increase self-acceptance
    • Increase your feeling of well-being
    • Improve sleeping patterns and the immune system.

    How does Meditation work Scientifically?

    Practicing mindfulness increases self-awareness, which helps us make better decisions, and it makes the world a better place.

    In addition to increasing our awareness of the external world, mindfulness practice can also help us become more aware of local and global issues. Furthermore, mindfulness practice can assist us in better communicating across divides.

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