Emotional Awareness Through Art of mindful meditation

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Key Takeaways of the Course

  • Being mindful of our emotions involves being curious and non-judgmental about what we are experiencing emotionally.
  • A mindful approach to emotions does not mean ignoring or getting rid of them. Mindfulness practice may result in the transmutation of our emotions, but this is not an active effort.
  • If you have underlying mental health conditions, past trauma, or if it appears that you might be triggered, it is recommended that you practice mindfulness daily.
  • Mindful emotion management requires practising self-compassion. As you cultivate self-compassion, consider the words or energy you would share with a loved one going through the same experience. Make sure to treat yourself with the same care.


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  • Every human experiences a variety of emotions. In addition to uplifting emotions such as joy and contentment, human emotions come in a variety of shades such as anger and sadness. As part of mindfulness of emotions, one must bear witness to whatever emotions are being experienced by the individual - with curiosity, compassion, and non-judgment. It may not be an easy practice, but it can be strengthened.
  • We will explore the following topics in this course on how to be mindful of your emotions:
  • 1. What is the Emotions of Mindfulness and the Emotions of Non-Mindfulness?
  • 2. Mindfulness of Emotions: How to Practice?
  • 3. Practical Mindfulness Exercises for Emotions
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