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Learn to establish a daily meditation practice through the 14-Day Meditation course by Farskills. Mindfulness meditation is the best way to help you relax and overcome issues like stress and anxiety. All you need is 14 days to establish the habit of consistent mindfulness meditation, which is a proven technique to unlock your brain’s maximum potential and boost productivity.This course is designed to guide you through the basics of mindfulness meditation and how it affects your daily life. By changing your perspective and enhancing your brain’s processing power, mindfulness meditation benefits you both in your work life and personal relationships. You can say goodbye to stressful days and begin your journey towards peace and mental well-being.Farskills’ courses are formulated in a way that helps those struggling to establish a consistent routine and are fed up with continuous distractions. It empowers you with effective strategies to engage your mind, body, and breathing to significantly reduce stress levels. Just 20 minutes a day for 14 days will have a life-changing effect for years to come.

Why You Need This Course

If you are struggling to manage your daily tasks because of sleeplessness or stress, this course is the right place to start making some changes. Mindfulness meditation empowers you with various different tools to incorporate a set routine in your life. This course is also beneficial for you if you have previously tried but never succeeded in meditation. 

We take you through easy steps to start with and motivate you with success stories throughout the course so that your interest keeps building. Unlike other exercises that require you to exert yourself, meditation is as simple as sitting straight and breathing while ignoring all internal and external distractions. As you progress from one course to the next, you will gradually begin to feel positive changes in the way you deal with your tasks and the way you interact with people.

Confidence is the key to achieving success in life, and practicing mindfulness meditation gives you the required level of confidence. With perseverance and consistency, you will find it relatively easier to focus on your breathing. Developing mental flexibility and improving self-awareness through guided meditation enables you to achieve success in your professional life.

Begin your journey to inner peace today and experience the benefits of meditation. In a matter of 14 days, this course will guide you through meditation techniques formulated by experts with years of experience. You will be guided to manage your time and keep track of your activities. The techniques include ways for you to easily incorporate meditation alongside your everyday tasks. You can meditate before breakfast when you wake up and have maximum energy.

Key Takeaways from this Course

Learning meditation is about consistency and following the right steps. The key to meditate effectively is sitting with the proper posture and understanding the different types of meditation. By the end of the course, you will be able to deal with emotions like stress and anxiety. Mindfulness will stay with you throughout your life.

By learning about the 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness, you will have the opportunity to understand the numerous benefits of meditation. Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, forgetting about the past, and thinking positively about the future. Just 14 days of mindfulness meditation will change your life forever and in a short time, you’ll see yourself approaching daily goals with a positive growth mindset, where no stress or anxiety will hinder your journey towards success.





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14-Day Meditation Course


  • Most individuals are unable to experience their maximum potential in life as they are slowed down and distracted by emotional factors like stress and anxiety. Through meditation, any individual is capable of doing much more than they already are. Mindfulness meditation is a technique recognized throughout the world for having a positive effect on the one who practices it.
  • The trick to achieving your maximum potential is extracting the secret power of your subconscious mind. Without stress-releasing activities like mindfulness meditation, even the simplest objectives seem to be difficult. Individuals that incorporate mindfulness meditation in their daily routine are seen to sufficiently improve their mindset and achieve the same goals with relative ease.
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