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This course will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation while answering all of your questions. Keeping your cool will be an unavoidable aspect of the course, and you’ll learn that everything happens for your own good, whether good or bad.Recognize that it is natural to feel uncomfortable when attempting to change our thinking at the deepest level. Because if we don’t feel uncomfortable, it indicates our minds/beliefs aren’t being tested. It is not possible to bring about change unless our minds are challenged! 

However, meditation is not about challenging your mind, it’s about relaxing and training with an open mind and an open heart, and clearing out negative thoughts. Through this course, you will be empowered with techniques to alter your attitude and your life for the better and experience more happiness!

Why You Need This Course

Have you ever been enraged by a certain situation or another person? When we are angry, we have a natural propensity to fixate on ideas of hatred and punishment. However, we end up suffering rather than learning as a result of our impulsive actions. Understanding how to use one’s angry experiences to grow and become more enlightened may be extremely transformational.

How To Begin

This course is based on the meditation practice of seeing reality as it is. As a result, all of the difficult feelings and emotions that you will encounter during this course are natural and part of the self-transformation process. This is a simple method to learn, but it is a profoundly self-transformative course that will test the mind and cause a wide range of emotions. 

The course’s goal is to give those who suffer from anger issues a sense of serenity in their lives. You’ll also discover how suffering and anger arise from the depths of the mind, and how to deal with them simply by sitting and breathing in meditation.

Key Takeaways

This course will teach you how to meditate effectively, starting from the fundamentals and all the way to advanced meditation. In order to change an angry and worried mind into a quiet and serene one, meditation is the best virtual retreat. Furthermore, you will discover how to deal with pain, anger, wandering thoughts, and other unpleasant mental states, as well as how to deal with pleasure, attachment, and desiring states of mind, by incorporating the knowledge of meditation into your daily life.





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Welcome To The Course

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Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models00:06:15
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Not Just “Anger” But Annoyance, Irritability, Rage, Fury And More…

Classifying Anger And The “Ladder Of Violence”

Invite Anger Into Your Life By Stepping Into AND Out Of Anger…

Videos From”Master Emotions; Declare Happiness And Satisfaction In Life”

Conclusion To “Anger Management” And Your Next Steps

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smart anger management


  • Anger is a complicated emotion that can lead to feelings of shame or guilt for those who struggle to regulate their emotions. We've all encountered rage in some form or another, whether it's a crimson mist clouding the moment, a boiling annoyance that bursts over, a long-held grudge finally vented, or an injustice endured or observed.
  • Anger is the only energy that is neither good nor harmful when examined through the perspective of mindfulness. Things may become troublesome only when we interact with rage – connect with it, feel it, hang on to it, and get obsessed by it. So, before rage spirals out of control or becomes violent, how might meditation help?
  • Anger isn't the issue; greed isn't the issue, and illusion isn't the issue. The issue is how we respond to these challenges. We'll focus on anger in particular because it's the most difficult to manage. Although you may make a case for one, you don't see many books about joy management.
  • Anger is a difficult emotion to control. Instead of finding a means to handle it, many individuals try to repress or control it, or they act it out in unskillful ways. So, how does mindfulness assist us in dealing with our anger? What does anger meditation look like?
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