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Why You Need This Course

Humans experience different emotions ranging from happiness to sadness and anger. But what really matters is how one deals with these emotions. Meditation enables you to think clearly and helps you avoid making impulsive decisions. Achieving peace of mind through meditation has the potential to fundamentally transform your perspective towards life.

Clarity of mind is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to dealing with problems in life. Farskills empowers you with a positive perspective on life through meditation. There is a lot of difference between hearing about meditation from someone and actually experiencing it for yourself. Start this course to discover the numerous benefits of mindfulness meditation and establish a routine for regular practice. 

Like any other exercise, meditation cannot just be given to you. It is something you have to do yourself. With Farskills’ courses, you will not feel demotivated or confused about the results of meditation. The course is designed in such a way that it slowly establishes your routine and builds your interest. With each progressive step, you will want to explore the next course and implement the practices devised in it.

Learning mindfulness meditation is much simpler than you may assume. This course begins with easy-to-understand, straightforward meditation techniques. However, before taking you through the practical meditation practices, this course guides you with the basics of meditation and answers the questions that commonly arise in the minds of beginners.

How to Begin

With Farskills, you can begin with short meditation routines of durations as short as 3 minutes. These practices are designed in a way that allows you to easily incorporate them into your daily life. Once you start, you will have to close your eyes and follow the instructor throughout the guided meditation session. Initially, you might experience distractions and restlessness. However, any given module of this course will not take you beyond your capacity.

In case you’re expecting instant calmness and peace, no goals are accomplished within days. However, you will start to see positive changes right from the beginning. The process of mindfulness meditation is fairly simple – you just have to sit and breathe. All you are required to do is close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and get rid of the negativity in your mind. 

Although meditation is considered a skill, you are not required to exert yourself. Instead, you have to relax and say calmly without making any movements. The level of meditation you are able to achieve depends on how aware you are and how well you are guided. 

During meditation, you will realize that you’re lost in thought, which means being aware, and that’s when you can focus on your breathing. In a nutshell, that’s all you have to do – cut off the distractions and breathe. As you begin to establish a set routine and practice mindfulness meditation, your distractions will begin to go away and awareness will increase. This course will guide you with the fundamental concepts of how the mind works and what you can expect from it when you start to meditate.

Key Takeaways from this Course

Mindfulness requires you to be completely non-judgemental about your feelings. Meditation does not mean ignoring your emotions, it just improves your thought process and helps you overcome negative feelings. It also helps you with mental health problems such as past trauma or getting triggered by specific events. Mindfulness meditation requires self-compassion, which is the key focal point of this course.





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How to Get Started with Guided Meditation

Inhale Positivity and Exhale Stress

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meditation for beginners


  • For beginners, meditation practices are usually strange as they see no immediate benefits. However, meditation has been practiced by people for almost 3,000 years and is proven to have positive effects on mental health as well as improving one’s mindset.
  • Stress reduction, personal development, or improved focus, whatever your reason for pursuing meditation - Farskills has got you covered. Training your mind through meditation has never been easier. We provide you with the perfect starting point where all your questions are answered.
  • Mindfulness meditation enables you to take a different approach. It does not stop your thought process, it just clarifies your mind to focus on the important and positive aspects of life. Since meditation relieves your stress and anxiety, it has also proven to improve your relationships.
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