Meditation Success: A Road to Stress-free Life!

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Start your Journey to Self Love

Get ready to learn how to balance the stress and dilemmas of your life. Our class invites you to surrender and trust in order to realize your soul’s true purpose. Engage in this practice of healing, sustained pranayama (breath control) designed to release stuck energy, balance your chakras, release outdated patterns and habits.

We’ll teach you to let go of fear, anxiety, stress, and worries so that you can move into self-love. 
Our lives have become more and more chaotic. We have devised our courses with intense thoughtful, self-caring techniques to make you more self-confident and self-regulated.

Enroll in our course right away! It is the perfect time to begin a new practice with a meditation course because after all your brain needs rest in the utmost chaos and pressure of life.


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Sep 24, 2021

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Successful Meditation – Introduction To This Course And What’s Expected From You

Introduction & Overview00:03:46
Course Outline00:03:11
Benefits of Meditation00:04:06
Warning! Action Is Required!00:01:45
Potential Hurdles00:02:24
My Mission & Philosophy00:10:41
Reflection & Enquiry00:04:30
Action Steps – Module 100:01:53

10 Minute Meditation – Establishing The Baseline

The Big Picture – Identifying The Vedic Frameworks

Setting Up Your Meditation Space – Physical & Mental Comfort And The 5 Elements

Guided Meditations And Visualizations

Resources & Supplementary Materials – Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary

[MP3] Supplementary Audio Resources

Conclusion & Next Steps

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  • To get the most value out of this course, you’ll need to dedicate about half an hour every day for a month to practice the art of meditation. This course focuses on empathy, compassion, and being able to actively "turn toward" each other in ethically conscious way. It also helps with alleviating compassion fatigue, eventually giving the self-care that you need right now.
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