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Start with Breath Awareness

The mirror of mindfulness is awareness. With no embellishment, no goal, no judgment, or resistance, our courses simply reflect back to what you are experiencing at a certain moment. The act of engaging with your life fully is a way to rest in a safe and compassionate place. If you practice mindfulness, you will be able to notice how often you are:

  • Concentrating on the past or the future instead of what is going on within and around you at the present time
  • Observe yourself with judgement and unkindness instead of listening to the critical, unkind inner dialogue.
  • Thoughts and emotions are bouncing from one to another unconsciously without any awareness.

The practice of mindfulness meditation will guide you to become aware of your habits. After the initial sessions of the courses discover, you’ll be able to discover the mystery to connect to your life in a more direct and meaningful way.

Benefits of 14 Days Mindfulness Meditation Course

  • There are also physical benefits such as better sleep, a lowered heart rate, and reduced anxiety.
  • Mindfulness meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation and healing system within your body)
  • In addition to calming a busy mind, Mindfulness Meditation can increase problem-solving ability, concentration, eventually promoting the creativity of individuals.
  • In addition to cultivating a good awareness of emotions, Mindfulness meditation practitioners also develop self-regulation.
  • The transition from one emotional state to the next can be done more skillfully
  • Mindfulness Meditation helps you to manage even the worst situations
  • This course is proven to improve your connection and understanding.


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Learn Meditation at the ease of your own comfort

How Meditation Improves your life

Bring Positivity to your Life with Meditation Practices

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  • Welcome to Farskill's 14 Day Mindfulness Meditation Course. Here we will explore how 14 Day Meditation works, why it has been practised around the world for hundreds of years, and why so many individuals are including meditation in their routine.
  • In this course you'll learn,
  • 1. How to create caring relationships, relieve stress, and find a space for quiet reflection.
  • 2. What exactly is mindfulness meditation?
  • 3. How to be gentle, and pay attention to the present moment.
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