The Basics of Practical Mindfulness

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Why You Need This Course

Whether you are feeling stressed out or just want to establish a growth mindset and have a positive approach towards your daily tasks, this is the ideal course for you. Meditation is not just about sitting and closing your eyes. It’s about embarking on an inner journey to relax your mind and train it for avoiding distractions and unnecessary things. With mindfulness meditation, you are enabled to focus and be attentive to the important moments.

This course will enable you to find peace, beginning with sitting in a peaceful place, closing your eyes, and calming your mind. While you focus on your breathing, your thoughts become clearer and you are able to concentrate better. In order to achieve the best of mindfulness and compassion, you simply need to follow the steps explained in this course. 

Who thought simply sitting and letting air in and out could affect your life in a productive way?

Letting your thoughts and feelings flow as you breathe in and out enables you to gather positive energy and establish a growth mindset. 

Many misunderstand mindfulness meditation as a process that helps to relax by stopping the mind from thinking. Instead, it clarifies your mind and directs your thoughts in a positive direction. The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to help you become aware and in control of your thoughts instead of coming under the pressure of mixed thoughts.

How to Begin

Farskills’ courses for the beginner level are designed to take you through easy steps that you can follow and adopt at any time or place. After you have decided the best time and location for practicing meditation, it will be easy to adopt it as a part of your daily routine.

To make meditation a habit, you should try to practice it at the same time and place every day. If you delay it or meditate at different times whenever you feel like it, you’re more likely to skip it along the way. The best way to begin is by finding the time that is most suitable for you and establishing a set routine.

Our course will help you get a good start with short sessions of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. The short time will be easy for any beginner to manage and stay consistent with. You have to sit with feet on the floor and hands straightened by your sides or on the floor. Next, straighten your back without putting extra stress on it. To help keep your back straight, you can use a rolled-up towel.

Researchers recommend that mindfulness meditation should be practiced in the morning instead of night, as the maximum benefits can be achieved with the high energy levels that you have in the morning. The recommended time for meditation is 15 minutes, but beginners can start with 5 minutes and slowly increase the time with regular intervals.

Key Takeaways from this Course

Farskills’ courses are designed to empower you with the ability to extract the maximum benefits from mindfulness meditation. Following the steps in this course, you can finally say goodbye to all the distractions in your life. As consistency is the key to achieving the best results from mindfulness meditation, we provide you with easily adaptable steps and motivate you to reach further with every passing day. 


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Embark on an Inner Journey to Relax your Mind

Get a Good Start with Short Sessions of 3, 5, or 10 minutes

Empower yourself with the Ability to Extract the Maximum Benefits from Mindfulness Meditation



  • Are you willing to change your lifestyle? Then this course is the right place to start. It begins with the basics of practical mindfulness and guides you through the steps needed to establish a regular meditation routine in your daily life.
  • If you have heard about the benefits of mindfulness meditation, get ready to experience them for yourself. This course takes you through easily understandable steps that you can practice in the comfort of your home. All you need is a short amount of time at the beginning or end of your day to feel relaxed and focus your mind on the positive aspects of life.
  • This course will make you love mindfulness meditation regardless of the skill or level that you are able to reach.
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